WorkoutGenerator 3.0

No Image WorkoutGenerator is your solution. WorkoutGenerator includes all the tools you need for a fresh weightlifting routine. WorkoutGenerator will not give you any exercises that you do not have the equipment to do! WorkoutGenerator can print your workout so that you can bring it to the gym with you. And if that is not enough, WorkoutGenerator is free! With the help of WorkoutGenerator, you can succeed in your fitness program! Best of luck! -WorkoutGenerator

Workout Machine Guides 1.0: workout machine guides, Browser tool bar, Best workout machines
Workout Machine Guides 1.0

workout machine guides, Browser tool bar, Best workout machines, total body workout machines, Home gym machines, Find the best workout machines and accessories.

browser tool bar, workout machine guides, best workout machines, home gym machines, total body workout machines

PDAbs 5.0: Fitness management and workout tracking software for individuals and trainers
PDAbs 5.0

workout on your Palm OS PDA, bring your PDA with you to the gym, and simply check off the exercises as you complete them. You can start using PDAbs immediately. The program has more than 150 workout routines and exercises pre-programmed, so setting up your exercise routine takes only a few minutes. With one tap of the stylus, you`re ready to enter a workout, or plan future workout routines. It`s easy to sort and view your workouts by person or client

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PodSweat 1.0: The #1 FREE Exercise Management Software for your MP3 Player or iPod.
PodSweat 1.0

workouts and download them to your MP3 Player or iPod. Unique voice technology speaks your workout instructions to you, and displays it on your iPod screen too! Forget those pre-recorded "lift the barbell" MP3 instructions of competing programs, PodSweat is programed with YOUR workouts and won`t annoy you with insulting beginner instructions! PodSweat automatically generates an album of MP3 workout instructions along with your favourite music which

ipod, weights, workout, instructor, instruction, player, exercise, cardio, program, fitness, music, podcast

BeatScanner 1.43: Unleash the power of your music and create the perfect workout playlists.
BeatScanner 1.43

Do you enjoy listening to music ? Do you do any fitness activities such as walking,running,swimming,aerobics etc. Now imagine doing your workout while listening to your favorite music at a pace that matches your workout - it really pumps you up and enegizes the workout. BeatScanner is a completely free software that helps you to create workout play lists that match your mood and preferred workout rate.

swimming, workout, running, exercise, fitness, audio, aerobics, music

90X Workout X90 Workout 1.0: X90 Workout or 90X Workout-What in the World is That Thing Called?
90X Workout X90 Workout 1.0

workout or the 90x workout, when neither of these programs exist. I figured it was a good idea for me to post this, and steer those people in the right direction. The actual name of the workout they’re all searching for is P90X, which is short for Power 90 Extreme. This program, created by fitness expert Tony Horton, is a response to the demand of his Power 90 graduates for a more advanced version of that well known workout program. The rest is

x90 workout, browser toolbars, 90x workout

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HEXPlayer 1.00.0152

HEXPlayer allows you to create your own customizable workouts from multiple fitness video sources. Add custom workout music to your custom routines by using Window Media Playlists. Save your place in a routine so you can resume the routine from where you left off. Manage your workout routines with simple statistical reports of clips and routines. Add `intros` to each clip which play before each clip is shown.

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